sexta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2008

Emotional overflow

It's just like you're too big to fit your body, you feel marvelous to know a special person has a reciprocal feeling, and it flows from each other to each other. That's one of the most beautiful things in life, and also one of the most difficult to acquire, you hold your will of extrapolation afraid to spoil the pure feeling between you and her.

That's something I can't actually understand , maybe we don't even know ourselves well , if we stop and think , mankind is so young , we're only developing emotional skills for 2,5 thousand years, and analysing this fact , 2,5 thousand years aren't that much.

Returning to the XXI Century.. I think the best way to admit changing is to let the flow take you away while you learn every single thing in life , and with people too. It's a mistake of those 'lone wolves' to believe we can figure out who we are spending life alone, we , Humans , were made to live in society, and in society we find not only who we are , but for whom we were made.


Hoje acordei meio Britânico...

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Adolfo disse...

Escrever em inglês é coisa de veado ahahah

Falando sério, essas questões de sentimento são bem pessoais, mas acho que tens exposto bem o que tu quer dizer. Complicado demais esse assunto pra se debater e teorizar, como nós temos tentado fazer, mas acho que toda troca de idéias e experiências é válida.