quarta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2009

Back in time.

I'm in home, I've been sitting here for so long
You might haven't noticed but I know
Exactly how it feels to be left alone
It tells me that I will be up all night long

Calm down, I know It's getting closer to the edge
And I won't think twice, I'll jump and never come back
Throw away my last chance of trying to get it right
I wish I could be back in time

By now, thousands of stories and memories to bring me down
I wait for the time when I'll move out (I'm begging for that day, honestly)
I know that you wouldn't even care at all...
I wish I could be back in time

Nothing more have sense, purpose.
I only dream about the day that we can be "us" again, instead of "I" and "you".
Noticed that it's all my fault, intentions don't count anymore.
I wish I could be back in time.

Wait for the time that this suffering will end
Then I'll ask to myself if i don't deserve it
'cause everybody warn me that it will end up like this
I wish I could be back in time.

(letra adaptada).

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